Hot Chocolate Every Which Way on the North Shore
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Hot Chocolate Every Which Way on the North Shore

Chocolatey, warm and sweet. Wrapping your mitts or mittens around a mug of hot cocoa is one of winter’s finest features. You can cozy up with classic hot cocoa to go, switch it up with new flavors or amplify the snuggly effect with a pastry or dessert on the side. Chicago’s North Shore coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants are serving up scrumptious options to heat up the whole family. To find more tasty treats, explore Where to Eat on Chicago’s North Shore.

Backlot Coffee, Evanston

After a brisk trek through a local park or forest preserve, pick up a cup of classic hot chocolate. You’ll find the warm, rich drink on the menu at community favorites like Central Street's Backlot Coffee (2006 Central St., Evanston) and Coffeessions (820 Wheeling Rd., Wheeling). Glenview Grind (1837 Glenview Rd., Glenview) gives you three ways to enjoy their Glen Cocoa: dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate crowned with whipped cream. Pinstripes (1150 Willow Rd., Northbrook) namedrops with a luscious Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate.

Coffeessions, Wheeling
Coffeessions, Wheeling

Legend has it the Mayans were drinking chocolate as early as 500 BC. Taste the difference with Mexican Cocoa at Sip22 Coffee Lounge (Old Orchard Rd. & Skokie Blvd., Skokie) at Westfield Old Orchard; their Nutella Cocoa and traditional cup also wow. For coffee with a kick, Colectivio (716 Church St., Evanston) adds guajillo chile powder and cinnamon to their Mocha Mexicana Espresso Toro. Cupitol Coffee and Eatery (810 Grove St., Evanston) goes all out with a Chocolate Bar serving up Chocolate Hot or Iced, Spiced Chocolate Chai or Mint White Hot Chocolate for those who aren’t as wild about the regular stuff. Try the insanely popular hot chocolate bombs in dark chocolate and white chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (300 Happ Rd., Ste 114, Northfield; call to preorder).

Sipp22 Coffee Lounge, Westfield Old Orchard, Skokie
Sipp22, Westfield Old Orchard, Skokie

Keep the warm treats coming! Partner your hot drink with freshly baked deliciousness like a sweet scone, brownie or chocolate croissant from Kneads & Wants (8042 Lincoln Ave., Skokie). Hometown Coffee & Juice (700 Vernon Ave., Glencoe) already wins with their Shookies Cookies (filled with homemade cookie dough). Reserve one of their intimate outdoor Houses for the new Experiences menu boasting drool-worthy choices like a S’mores Flight, a S’mores DIY kit or Chocolate or Cheese Fondue. Pick up some churros — the utterly dippable fried dough pastries — at Churro Parlor (9705 N. Milwaukee Ave., Glenview) to go with their Salma (Mexican Hot Chocolate) or Valdes (Mexican hot chocolate added to espresso).

Hometown Coffee & Juice, Glencoe
Hometown Coffee & Juice, Glencoe


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