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Now - March 1, 2018  7:00 PM

Event Photo
Block Cinema at Block Museum
40 Arts Circle
Evanston, IL
(847) 491-4000

Film: Catch Phrases—Catch Images: The ways in which reality is shaped by media is the connecting subject of these two works. In the short Catch Phrases Catch Images: A Conversation with Vilem Flusser, Farocki interviews the noted philosopher Flusser about the design of the front page of the tabloid newspaper Bild Zeitung—how image and text are inseparable and how those elements are used to shape meaning. For Videograms of a Revolution, Farocki collaborated with Romanian writer Andrei Ujica. The film is an exploration of the 1989 overthrow of Romanian leader Nicolae Ceau?escu, drawn from broadcasts of the state television station (which demonstrators had taken over and were using to televise images of the ongoing revolution) and from footage shot by amateur videographers all over Bucharest.

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